Shohei Tanaka/田中 翔平/たなか しょうへい

AHC Lab, NAIST, Japan
E-mail: tanaka.shohei.tj7 at


I am a Ph.D. student at Augmented Human Communication Lab (AHC), Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST). My research interests are dialogue system, event causality, and event representation. Since I was an undergraduate student, I have been strongly interested in systems that communicate with users. During my undergraduate, I made some products to pursue my interest. I have been studying conversational dialogue systems in my graduate school.

Work Experience






Easy Talk Suhama-Shoten(しゃべってらくらく 洲浜商店), 2017

Suhama-Shoten is a spoken dialogue system to help elderly people with shopping. Users can order items by only talking with a character. The system runs on a smartphone. Slides (in Japanese)

Spoken Controlled Car, 2016

A spoken controlled toy car using a Raspberry Pi and LEGO. The commands are "foward," "back," "turn left," "turn right," and "come on." The system was exhibited at Maker Faire Tokyo 2016.

Sea Lion Puppet, 2016

A sea lion puppet for children using an Arduino.
By an iPhone application, users can make the puppet take actions: nodding, shaking arms, and making a sound.

Pinbo (Penguin Puppet), 2015

A penguin puppet using an Arduino. Reacting to sound and light, the puppet takes three actions: turning around, shaking hands, turning away.